Top Skills and Qualities to Look for in Title and Escrow Staff

When your organization needs to hire a talented title and escrow professional, understanding their most important skills becomes critical. This knowledge informs your staffing process, helping to better differentiate between the top candidates on your short list. After all, rating candidates based on these abilities lets you leverage a data-driven process to determine the best. Expect a more effective hiring decision as a result.

Additionally, partnering with an experienced title and escrow staffing agency amplifies your talent acquisition efforts. These organizations understand the skills and qualities differentiating the top title professionals from the rest of the field. As such, your company reduces the inherent risks of the hiring process, like making the wrong decision on candidates.

Let’s examine both of these topics, including what skills matter in candidates looking for title and escrow career opportunities. We also cover the benefits your business gains by partnering with a staffing agency serving this unique job market. These insights ultimately improve your next hiring effort, helping you add someone able to quickly make a positive impact.

A Title and Escrow Staffing Agency Shares the Top 9 Skills and Qualities to Look for When Hiring

As highlighted above, an experienced staffing agency understands what sets the top title and escrow candidates apart. They determined the top nine skills and attributes your company needs to consider when vetting candidates on your shortlist. Use this information to devise a rating system to foster a data-driven hiring decision, as noted earlier. These insights also help when deciding to work with an agency for your staffing needs.

Technical Proficiency

While title and escrow talent aren’t traditionally considered to be technical professionals, remember this is the 21st Century. As such, they need to be proficient technology users, including experience with the latest software used in this role. Additionally, the ability to quickly learn new processes and platforms is also vital.

Companies also look for candidates with experience with typical office software, including spreadsheets and word processors. With AI beginning to make an impact in the title and escrow world, expertise in this area also remains valuable. This is an important area to analyze when vetting candidate résumés.

Attention to Detail

Not surprisingly, real estate professionals also need a keen attention to detail. After all, title and escrow processing has an underrated level of complexity at times. Notably, many studies of the most important qualities for this talent highlight accuracy and being detail oriented.

Communication Skills

Verbal and written communication skills remain critical for anyone working in the real estate profession. Title and escrow professionals interact with everyone from mortgage officers to the homebuyers themselves. Speaking clearly and confidently identifies the top candidates for these roles, so pay close attention during the interview.

Additionally, written communication abilities also come into play for those in the title and escrow field. As a result, you need to closely examine a candidate’s cover letter for insights on their writing chops. Also look for any mistakes or grammatical errors on their résumé and cover letter. 

Problem-Solving Abilities

Within the real estate industry problems regularly arise, especially when considering the complexity of the process. Because of these occasional difficulties, companies want candidates with strong problem-solving skills. In fact, this soft skill remains valuable throughout the entire business world.

Look for evidence of a candidate’s problem-solving capabilities in the professional history section of their résumé. This is one area worthy of further exploration during an interview. Ask candidates an open-ended question on this topic to analyze this skill as well as their verbal communication ability.

Time Management and Organization

Needless to say, title and escrow professionals tend to be rather busy, with many demands for their time. As a result, significant time management skills become vital as they manage each workday. Again, look for evidence of this ability on a candidate’s résumé. However, you need to probe deeply into this area during an interview for the best reading of their organizational skills.  

Customer Service Orientation

Nearly all real estate professionals effectively serve in a customer service role. This also applies to title service providers and escrow officers. They don’t work with customers as often as realtors, but those interactions still must be friendly and professional.

Notably, many businesses specializing in real estate services want title and escrow candidates with significant customer service experience. Many rank it at the top of the list of most desired qualities. If you want your business to provide exceptional customer support, look for this quality in your candidates.

Ethical Conduct

A strong focus on ethics identifies most of the top real estate professionals within the industry. In fact, this attribute closely relates to providing exceptional customer service.

Still, having an unethical title or escrow professional on your team risks your business’s reputation or even worse. Be sure to fully check each candidate’s references before potentially extending them a permanent offer.  

Teamwork and Collaboration

Title and escrow professionals work as part of a team within your real estate business. As a result, you want to hire candidates with a strong affinity for teamwork and collaboration. Look for evidence of this in the work history section of their résumé. Also ask your top candidates to expound on their ability to work as part of a team during the interview.

Continuous Learning and Professional Development

Modern professionals want employment with companies that provide meaningful professional development opportunities. It ultimately plays a key role in attracting candidates and retaining employees. Title and escrow professionals are essentially the same when it comes to desire for continuous education.

Of course, looking for these qualities in candidates absolutely makes sense. However, your company still needs to provide a robust training problem to attract real estate professionals.

How Can a Title and Escrow Staffing Agency Help You Hire Top Talent in this Field?

Successfully hiring title and escrow talent remains somewhat difficult when engaging an internal staffing process. This is especially the case if your company lacks a large HR team. Simply analyzing the résumés of potentially over 100 applicants overburdens many organizations. In this scenario, the risks of the wrong hiring decision abound, forcing you to repeat the effort and its significant expenses.

Partnering with a title and escrow staffing services provider offers a useful approach for improving your hiring efforts. These organizations help you find talented real estate professionals in a fast and cost-effective manner. They also greatly reduce the risks of a mistaken hire. Let’s explore some of the most meaningful benefits of a staffing agency partnership.

Title and Escrow Staffing Agencies are Industry Experts

Your company benefits the most by partnering with a staffing agency with significant experience in the real estate industry. These title and escrow staffing services understand the specific skills and qualities identifying the best candidates. Provide them an ideal candidate profile, detailing the desired skills and experience along with insights on your company culture. This ensures you hire candidates with the right abilities and cultural fit, improving your chances of retention.

Their recruiters know the latest trends in this unique business sector, informing the job offers you make to candidates. At a minimum, provide candidates with competitive salary and a generous benefits package. Other perks, like flexible scheduling and a hybrid work model also increase your chances of an accepted offer.

Title and Escrow Staffing Agencies Have Access to a Qualified Talent Pool

An experienced real estate staffing agency typically boasts a candidate pool filled with qualified candidates for your open position. When vetting potential agency partners, choose one with meaningful experience in title and escrow staffing. A new agency might lack the industry connections to have a large talent pool this early in their history.

A qualified candidate pool helps your business when you quickly need to hire a title specialist or escrow officer. Perhaps one of your employees found another opportunity or even retired? In this scenario, being able to fill that gap with speed benefits your business’s overall productivity. Ask about the size of each potential agency’s talent pool before choosing one for your business.

Staffing Agencies Can Expedite the Hiring Process

Of course, a staffing agency with a large candidate pool provides one way to expedite your company’s hiring process. This becomes important when considering the top candidates typically stay available for only a few weeks. You might identify a top candidate only to see another offer accepted before you interview them!

The best agencies also leverage modern technology to streamline their staffing efforts. This includes using tools that automate the process of résumé analysis and skills matching. It sources candidates with the experience you need faster than ever. Expect to get a better ROI on your staffing expenses as a result!

Need Help with Hiring? Partner with the Nation’s Top Title and Escrow Staffing Agency

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