Clean Slate Law

The Clean Slate Act is a growing movement that will continue to impact hiring nationally. Currently, 12 States have passed laws to meet the criteria for Clean Slate legislation. The minimum criteria a state must meet to meet CSI standards include automation of record clearance, automatic clearance upon eligibility of the record, inclusion of arrest records, misdemeanor records, and a strong recommendation for laws to include eligibility of at least one felony record.

The Clean Slate Act, is an effort to grant individuals with past non-violent convictions a fresh start by automatically clearing their records after a predetermined period of good behavior.

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This movement continues to grow and below are some recent news items:

Sheena Meade, Leader of the Movement, aims to have the Clean Slate Laws in practice in 15 states from 2023-2029.

The Clean Slate law has recently garnered significant attention in the news due to its groundbreaking impact on criminal record expungement. Many employers, recognizing the importance of giving people a second chance and the potential for a more diverse and skilled workforce, have adjusted their hiring policies to include individuals with expunged records.

Progression of Clean Slate legislation moves toward Congress, which moves toward having a greater impact nationally rather than on a case-by-case basis. The Clean Slate Initiative hopes to streamline practices and procedures through the structure of their laws. The passing of Clean Slate Acts in states will mean that background checks and records will be changing practice as these laws are implemented.

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