Gain Real Estate Industry Experience as a Recent Grad with Temporary Work

As a recent grad, getting your foot in the door with employers in the real estate industry can be challenging. The industry is booming, and real estate recruiters are working hard to fill the many open positions. But realistically, jobs in real estate and related fields like escrow, mortgage and banking jobs require experience. In residential, you deal with the most significant purchase in most people’s lives. In commercial real estate, you’re being entrusted with investments that can easily reach into the millions or more. You can hardly blame people for not wanting life-changing deals handled by people on their first day out of college.  

Employers in real estate and related fields have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients. They are expected to operate in their best interests. That means hiring people who are honest, experienced and well trained, but there is a real shortage of talent because the real estate market is so hot right now. That’s why, increasingly, these employers are turning to real estate temp agencies.  

What does the talent shortage mean for you, at the beginning of your career and hoping to take the first step in your dream career? There is a place for you, but you must be flexible and patient. Look for temporary jobs in the real estate industry, even if they are not the ideal job. If you haven’t considered temp jobs, you may be surprised at their many advantages. 

What are the Benefits of Temp Jobs in the Real Estate Industry?

While you may be reluctant to take a temporary assignment when trying to get your career ball rolling (especially if you’ve been racking up student loans you need to start paying back soon), it’s essential to play the long game. If you’re serious about your real estate career, it can make more sense to take a temporary job in real estate than a full-time offer in another field that might look better on paper.  

You’ll build skills relevant to the real estate industry, make connections with others in the area and, more importantly, make yourself attractive to real estate recruiters.

Build Your Resume Quickly as a Mortgage Temp

As mentioned earlier, there are many different sectors in real estate-related fields, such as escrow, mortgage and banking. There are plenty of interesting opportunities to be found through real estate and mortgage staffing agencies, such as loan processors, title assistants, real estate assistants, escrow assistants and more. 

Don’t be afraid to try a lot of different companies or specialties to find your fit. You never know where you’ll thrive. Your experience as a real estate temp in a mom-and-pop brokerage will be a lot different than working in a massive corporate mortgage company. You might not know what you prefer until you’re into it. For example, in a small company, you’ll probably be expected to wear many hats, so you’ll get to know an extensive range of duties. There are fewer layers of management between you and the top, so you might be able to have more impact.  

In a large corporation, your duties might be a little more one-note, so you can feel a little siloed, but you’re likely to find more opportunities if you are hoping for a dynamic career. They may have many different kinds of departments you can try to expand your experience. They may even have offices all over the world you can transfer to if you’d like to live someplace different. 

The skills you learn in college can differ from those that end up being the most useful in your day-to-day life. You’ll build relevant skills quickly that will make you attractive to real estate and mortgage recruiters.

Keep Your Skills Sharp 

It’s essential to remain relevant in your chosen field. If you stray too far from the core skills real estate and mortgage staffing agencies and employers are looking for, it can be tough to build a case for yourself when your dream opportunity arises. Every industry has software programs and systems that insiders take for granted but leave outsiders scratching their heads. Real estate is no different. Working real estate temp jobs can expose you to the systems needed to operate in the industry, giving you a significant competitive edge over other candidates. 

Prevent Employment Gaps 

Unless we’re talking about taking months off to hike the Appalachian Trail or return to school, employment gaps are good for no one. Your confidence can take a big hit when you’re unemployed, and your wallet can take a big hit too. No one wants to watch the bills stack up or wonder if you will remember what you learned if it’s been a long time since you worked. Employers don’t like employment gaps either. They wonder if you are committed to your career, if they can count on you, and if you will leave when they need you most.  

Hiring managers look for people who are motivated and willing to work. An employment gap isn’t insurmountable, especially if you can explain your reasoning to the interviewer. If you can talk about what you learned and demonstrate that it’s not likely to be a habit, they can probably be persuaded to overlook it. The problem comes when gaps are unplanned or unexplained. “I couldn’t find a job” is not a great reason for an employer to hear. They conclude that no one wanted to hire you and wonder why they should. If you spend that time instead taking on temporary real estate jobs, they see someone who is committed to the industry, is capable of taking initiative and doesn’t mind hard work.  

You stand a better chance of landing the job when you can show you’re doing what it takes to hone your skills and advance your career.  

Start Earning Money Post-Grad with Temporary Employment in the Real Estate Industry

Working temporary jobs in real estate after graduating can be almost like being paid to continue your education. You’re learning on the job while earning a salary, which gives you some economic security while making yourself more valuable in the eyes of real estate recruiter. You’ll have the opportunity to try out different jobs and companies to see what will be the best fit for you while adding to your industry-relevant skills and knowledge base. When looking for your first post-grad job, be sure to add real estate temp agencies to your search.  

Temp Work Allows You to Make Connections in the Real Estate Sector

If you’ve ever heard the expression “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” it’s true, to an extent. In most reputable companies, knowing someone won’t get you the job, but it might get you a shot at an interview. That’s why it’s so important to build a professional network. People in your network can give you a heads up on open opportunities – even ones that don’t get advertised. 

If they work for the company that’s hiring, they can tell you what it’s like to work there and what the hiring manager looks for in the interview. They might even be willing to provide a reference or put in a good word for you if they know your work firsthand. 

Building your real estate industry network is essential, and temp work is a great way to make connections in the real estate sector. The most important thing you can do in a temporary real estate position is to do a great job. Be positive, helpful and willing to learn while performing your duties to the best of your ability. The second most important thing to do is make connections. It can be challenging if you are an introvert but getting to know people is important. It’s essential on the job and afterward when looking for your next opportunity.  

Introduce yourself, be friendly and connect with them on LinkedIn to add them to your circle. Stay in touch regularly, not just when you need something. Share opportunities or advice with them as well, whether it’s a job that’s not right for you but may be for them, a continuing education class you found helpful or contact information for your favorite real estate temp agency

Temp-to-Hire Opportunities 

Temp-to-hire opportunities can be your golden ticket to a rewarding career in real estate. When you work temp-to-hire assignments, your supervisor gets to see firsthand the quality of your work. No one has to take your word that you’re qualified for the job; your work speaks for itself. 

How can you increase your chances of turning a temporary job into a full-time job opportunity? 

  • Start with the basics. Show up on time, ready to work. Conform to their dress code and other rules and policies. Show that you know how to fit in. 
  • Treat it as a career opportunity. Take the job seriously at all times. You never know who’s paying attention or where the opportunities are. 
  • Have a great attitude. Be enthusiastic, make a positive impact and be willing to pitch in as needed.  
  • Express interest. Be sure the employer knows that you would be interested in working there on a long-term basis. Also, show that you’re interested in the company itself. 

Be Honest With Your Mortgage Recruiter

If you go into a temp-to-hire job where everyone intends to convert you to full-time if it works out, talk to your real estate or mortgage recruiter as soon as possible if the position or company is not suitable for you. They can put someone else in the position sooner rather than later and find a more appropriate role for you. 

Find Temporary Jobs in the Real Estate Industry with Workway

  • Loan Processors 
  • Title Assistants 
  • Real Estate Assistants 
  • Escrow Assistants 

Partner with specialized real estate and mortgage staffing agencies to advance your career. When you know what you want from your future, what’s the point of talking to general recruiters? If you want a job like loan processor, title assistant, real estate assistant, or escrow assistant, it only makes sense to work with a real estate or mortgage recruiter.  

Trust Your Real Estate Career To Workway 

Workway is a real estate, banking, and mortgage staffing agency that can help you find real estate temp jobs that will get you closer to your goal. We have locations in TX, CA, AZ, and FL to serve you where you are. If you want to gain real estate industry experience as a recent grad, we would be happy to connect you with temp help to make it happen. Get in touch with one of our real estate and mortgage staffing professionals today to get started.