Recruitment Tips from an Accounting Staffing Agency

The demand to fill accounting jobs is increasing. In fact, demand for accounting professionals is expected to grow by 10% through 2026, which is a faster rate than what’s predicted for other industries. And since there are fewer quality accounting candidates available than ever—the unemployment rate for accounting and finance professionals is only around 1.6%, according to Sparks Group—the industry has become quite adept in terms of hiring and retention strategies.  

Fields of all sorts can learn about great recruitment practices from the accounting world. No matter what type of professional you’re hiring, or in what volume or industry, there are tried-and-true methods for recruiting the talent your organization needs to move forward successfully. 

Here are a few hiring tips from an accounting staffing agency’s perspective:  

Clear & Attractive Job Descriptions   

In any industry, clear and attractive job descriptions are the gateway through which you’ll find quality candidates. Get this wrong, and you don’t stand much of a chance of finding the talent you really want.  

Everything starts with the creation of a job description that gets you the best applicants. Think about the job you’re looking to fill, and consider what you need out of that candidate. You might think about: 

  • Job competencies: Of course, you’ll need to think about what core skills the individual must possess in order to do the job. Establish a list of “must haves” and “nice-to-haves” so that you know what’s needed versus what would be ideal.  
  • Outcomes: What outcomes do you want to achieve through the filling of this role? Is it to simply get a particular bit of work done, or is it to move a team, department, or the whole organization forward in some way? Think about measurable outcomes that you can assess down the road. 
  • Mission: Why does the role exist at all? What’s the mission behind it? 

With these thoughts in mind, you can set about writing a clear, concise job description that lays out everything prospective candidates need to know. Make it clear what the requirements are, what a day in the job will look like, and what your organization has to offer that will entice the candidate. Inject a bit of your company’s personality into the job description so that readers get a sense of how you operate.  

Outline Incentives  

Another important part of the job description, as well as the hiring process in general, is to clearly outline the incentives you’re offering to candidates. Of course, this covers the essentials like base salary, benefits package, and perks. But keep in mind that it’s also important to make it clear what kind of long-term benefits your company offers; room for advancement, for instance, or stock options. Push your office environment as well so that candidates can clearly see why they would love to work for you—for most workers (especially the Millennial generation), being satisfied with their work is just as important as the pay and benefits. 

Promote Company Culture (DEI&B) 

Be sure to promote your company culture and your organization’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging efforts in the job description, as well as during the interview process. It’s important for attracting candidates—again, especially those in the Millennial generation and younger—but it’s also a key retention strategy. 

Some of the things that candidates are looking for include:  

  • Work-life balance, including flexible scheduling options 
  • A feeling of value and worth – aligning with your organizational values 
  • Opportunities for advancement and personal growth 

It’s also important to outline your DEI&B policies upfront in both your job descriptions and on your website and other company materials. That way, every candidate is aware that you’re an equal opportunity employer committed to offering employment fairly and making everyone feel comfortable and that they belong.  

Increase Social Media Prescence   

You’re well aware that social media is a powerful recruitment tool. This is as true for the accounting industry as it is for other fields. Candidates will be looking at your social media profiles to get a sense of the company culture and find out how their values align with the organization.  

If your company’s social media presence is lacking, it’s time to change that. It’s simply the best way to recruit candidates in today’s job market—again, especially those who are under the age of 40 or so. Present an authentic tone across your social media channels and post regularly. It will pay off when it comes to sourcing and hiring quality candidates.  

Ask the Right Questions During the Interview   

The interview process is just as important as the application process when it comes to finding and hiring quality accounting talent, and this holds true across a variety of industries. Asking the right questions during candidate interviews is absolutely crucial.  

One purpose of the interview, of course, is to learn more about the candidate’s background, skills, and work experience. But it’s equally important to get a sense of the candidate’s personality and their attitude toward their work. That’s why asking questions about the candidate’s career goals and passions is a good idea. You’ll also want to ask about how they work with others, and to give examples of a team effort in the past that achieved positive results. Pay attention to the candidate’s body language and communication style as they give these answers; it can tell you a lot about how the candidate might fit into your organization’s culture. 

Read Your Glassdoor Reviews 

How often do you actually take a look at the reviews of your company on sites like Glassdoor? According to statistics from TalentNow, 55% of job seekers abandon an application after they’ve read negative reviews online. Your reviews matter—it’s as simple as that. Taking the time to go over your reviews and taking action steps to resolve problems is always advised.  

How do you deal with bad reviews, perhaps left by disgruntled former employees? It’s important to address the comments, rather than leaving them alone. Addressing the concerns of the negative reviewer makes it clear to everyone viewing the reviews that you actually care, and that you’re willing to take steps to resolve the issues. Of course, it’s always good practice to address positive reviews as well, thanking the reviewer for their comments and wishing them well.  

Implement Employee Referral Program 

Does your organization have an employee referral program in place? These programs are highly effective for recruiting top talent, and they’re a good supplement to traditional methods of recruitment. Plus, they’re cost-effective, because you’re using the talent you already have to find talent rather than spending money on traditional recruitment costs.  

In addition to the cost savings, employee referral programs show your existing staff that you value their opinion, and it can even boost job satisfaction. It’s a good way to find the talent you need while saving money and improving morale at the same time.  

Use a Professional Recruiter 

Another way to fill accounting jobs or other types of positions that you need filled? Partnering with a professional recruiting firm. Whether it’s an accounting staffing agency or a firm that specializes in some other field, professional recruiters make it their business to know great talent and top employers. That allows them to find the candidates that you’re looking for, and you get to offload much of the responsibility of sourcing and hiring great talent.  

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