Are Companies Allowed to Mandate the COVID Vaccine?

It is safe to say that COVID has caused many changes to the workplace environment. Over the past year, the workplace has overcome curveballs that have been thrown from all directions. As more individuals get the COVID vaccine and the world begins to convert into a safer space, many changes have started to develop.

Many employees have adapted from an office environment to remote work. As COVID mandates transition to allow individuals to be back in the workplace, working environments will have to continue to move with the times and evolve to COVID standards.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released a statement stating that it was legal for companies to require individuals to be vaccinated. While this is a strong statement, there are outliers to the announcement.

Companies cannot be coercive in their tactics of having individuals receive the vaccine. Also, companies are still advised to use preventatives in the spread of COVID. Companies are urged to make accommodations for employees that are unable to get the COVID vaccine. The EEOC has also reminded employers that requiring the COVID vaccine cannot be used as a restriction about race, gender, etc.   

There are many factors to acknowledge in this situation as well as decisions that impact the individual self and the individuals surrounding you. What this comes down to is allowing employees to feel comfortable. Employers have been urged to work with employees through these times in order to make the transition back to the workspace a safe environment for everyone.