Life is a Highway

Anyone that works in the staffing industry will tell you that there are numerous factors to consider when deciding whether a job is your glass slipper; however, ask any recruiter what their series of questions include, and they will note that “What part of town are you open to commuting to?” is one of their go-to questions of importance. Not only is the distance or timing of the commute important for practical purposes, but it also defines a whole day. We’ve all had those days on our way to work where we’ve had to sit in traffic for hours, gotten a flat tire, or run out of gas. These days seem like it can’t get any worse but one thing to remember is that it can only go up from there. A long commute or a short commute can easily be improved with anything that is your source of positivity.

My personal favorite commute pump-up song is Got to be Real by the extremely talented Cheryl Lynn, but my taste in music depends on my mood. Spotify and Apple Music have mood playlists that can help you find your new jam as well as many genres sorted playlists that might fit your vibe. There are so many genres of music and new music being released constantly (new music Friday is just icing on the cake) so you’re sure to find something that you love in your music library. Even better create your own playlist with all your favorite artists and songs for something that fits your taste. Whether it’s listening to listening to the ultimate happy song, “Happy” by Pharrell is a great throwback to get you in the best mood. Music is something that brings people together and the perfect song can make for the perfect commute.

Radio is listened to by over 90% of adult Americans (news generation ) which is no surprise when people are able to choose from so many stations all within the convenience of a system built into your car. Shows such as “On air with Ryan Seacrest” on 102.7 KIIS FM can make your drive to work even better with a mix of music and commentary. Not only are the latest hits played on repeat so that we can quickly grasp the lyrics of all the catchy tunes, but there are also programs such as Ryan’s Roses that are dramatic and gossipy enough to fuel a rivalry with reality TV. Radio also has other aspects such as contests and bill paying, winning one of those would definitely brighten a commute. The best part about radio is that you don’t have to drive alone to work because Ryan Seacrest is basically sitting in your passenger seat. 

If you are looking for a passenger more familiar than Ryan Seacrest, calling a family member or friend could be the perfect company. As an adult, I realized that I took advantage of all the times that my mom waved me off to school with her warm, loving smile. While your family or friends might not be able to have an in-person conversation with you on your way to work, technology has graced us with long-distance communication. A call to your favorite parent, brother, sister, crazy uncle, or life-long friend could be the best way to hearten both people’s day.

If music or talking isn’t your thing, there are tons of podcasts on a million different subjects just waiting to be listened to. Sports podcasts can update you on any game that you might have missed the night before. Murder mystery podcasts are starting to send Netflix docuseries such as Don’t F**k with Cats a run for their money. If that’s not your style many previous Bachelor stars have podcasts to discuss roses and drama. I promise that there are an array of podcasts out there for everyone just waiting to be listened to.

While your ears are one major sense that you can use in your commute, we have four other senses that can brighten our days. An air freshener of your favorite scent can make your car smell like home. Rolling your windows down can create the perfect breeze. Fresh air in your lungs helps oxygen flow through your body and wakes you up. If fresh air doesn’t help wake you up a coffee from Starbucks could be the next best thing. It’s important to focus on how the simple things in life can brighten your day.

At the end of the day, it does not matter what improves your commute, it matters that your commute improves your day. Hopefully, some of the recommendations from above can help make the glass slipper fit.