Taylor Mullins

Taylor Mullins, Sales Coordinator – TX

Taylor Mullins is a Sales Coordinator at Workway’s Dallas office, where his primary focus revolves around cultivating new client relationships while nurturing existing ones. With a background in sales and marketing, Taylor is fueled by a passion for devising innovative strategies to propel Workway forward.

Taylor’s journey into sales was driven by his self-motivation and entrepreneurial spirit. His genuine desire to assist others seamlessly aligned with the staffing industry, where he found his niche in making a tangible difference.

Northern California Native where Taylor finds his time in the great outdoors, constantly seeking avenues for personal and professional growth. A sports enthusiast and avid traveler, he thrives on new experiences and challenges.

Taylor holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from the University of Alabama, complemented by minors in Advertising and Entrepreneurship. Relocating to Dallas, he eagerly is ready to enjoy the city’s vibrant atmosphere and dynamic growth trajectory.