Alex Gond

Akash Gond, Human Resources Administrator

As a Human Resource Administrator at Workway, I am responsible for Onboarding and Employee Support. I engage and interact with employees during their assignments while employed at Workway. Additionally, I manage the Onboarding/ Background Screening life cycle which includes new hire paperwork, I-9, background checks, and drug testing in accordance with federal and state laws. Previously, I was a Recruiting Manager at Workway responsible for screening, qualifying, and matching candidates to our client’s job opportunities. I support our Market Managers, Account Managers, and other Recruiting Managers to begin the candidate engagement experience at Workway for various positions in the Dallas and Florida markets.  ​I completed my bachelor’s degree and started my career with Workway in 2019. I’ve learned a lot with my colleagues but the best thing is that the learning never ends. They’ve taught me to build rapport with candidates/clients, how to manage the recruitment process, and deal with different scenarios.​

When I am not at work, I love spending time with my family, friends, and doing something for people in need. I am fond of listening to music, watching movies and surfing the internet to increase my knowledge.