Sarah Haynes

Sarah Haynes, Human Resources Manager

I am the HR Manager for Workway and absolutely love it! I always say I like to place the “Human” in Human Resources! It’s been my motto for years now because I believe HR is there to help the employee with their personal information, work decisions and guidance needed. Once, the employee is helped, they can perform at an optimal level knowing that they are already taken care of. It’s an absolute pleasure to see an employee happy knowing you have done what you could to support them. This is my goal daily in any interaction I may have with them. This is one of the many hats Human Resources wears. We are there to be both an employee and company advocate. I take pride in knowing that I represent an organization like Workway that works tirelessly to employ people. It’s very gratifying to know you played a role in changing someone’s life by helping them get to work. You are directly impacting their entire life. Therefore, you have made a difference.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, spoken word, hiking, poetry, and spending time with my loved ones. This is why I work hard to play just as hard. Additionally, I feel very blessed to have a great family with parents who have lived around the world. It makes for great conversations especially when reminiscing over souvenirs collected.  I come from a very diverse background which helps me in my career because ideas are just as open as my mind and heart!