Dominic Anthony

Dominic Anthony, Sourcing Team Lead

 As Sourcing Team Lead at Workway, I am responsible for managing a large team who provide sourcing services, lead generation services and data entry services for our clients onshore.  We work  while our clients sleep!  Our results are delivered by the time they walk in their office so they can get started with their day and be more productive. My job is to understand our clients’ needs and assist the team in providing effective results daily. I love understanding the client’s needs, helping my team get to know what exactly is being asked for and providing quality results. I have 2 years of experience in staffing and 2 years in marketing and sales of B2B.

Outside of working hours, I love listening to country music, painting, studying the German Shepard Dog anatomy and spending time with them which I have a few as pets. I also enjoy swimming in deep waters, fishing and going for long rides on my Royal Enfield.