Brandon Khairkar

Bhushan Khairkar,

MIS Associate National Accounts

I’m the key-MIS person at Workway responsible for managing all the crucial information within the organization for effective and efficient functioning. I support the future forecasting and planning of the Firm by providing various analysis reports i.g. Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and annual performance reports of individuals and Workway.

I have completed my bachelors’ degree and started my career with Workway in 2016. I’ve learned from the trained professionals at Workway. The most thrilling part is that learning never ends and so much open for learning new skills, new tools and explore more and more within the industry. They’ve taught me to build rapport within the organization/clients, how to manage the data/information and make it a useful tool for future planning and forecasting to deal with different scenarios. I’m a hard worker, quick learner and a strong team player with great flexibility.

When I am not at work, I love spending time with my family, friends, as well as playing Cricket. I am fond of listening to music, watching movies and get indulged in stuff which can increase my knowledge.